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Neeta Williams

Accredited Professional Personal Trainer

Yoga Teacher (FINY)

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Goal setting is crucial in providing you with the right training program. What’s you goal?

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How I work with my clients

If you are looking for a quick fix, then I am not the trainer for you. My philosophy is to coach clients to be able to incorporate fitness and good nutrition as a habitual lifestyle. I particularly enjoy working with beginners, I honestly love to help get them started on a fitness regime.

The hardest part is walking through the door. By then you’ve made the largest step, after that I am here to look after you.

We were all beginners once, just everyone is at different stages of their fitness journey. All you have to do is focus on YOUR journey. I coach clients towards their fitness goals by helping them hit realistic, small targets that build to the bigger objective. I get them to a point where they are self-sufficient, so they have the tools to make informative decisions with their nutrition and training plans, which gives them enough confidence to carry on by themselves and maintain their fitness. All programs are customised to the client’s contra-indications. No body shape, interior or exterior, are the same. Therefore, I do not give out cookie-cutter plans.

I encourage my clients to enjoy the foods that they love. Nothing is out of bounds; however, this only applies with the knowledge of portion sizes and frequency of these guilty pleasures. It’s all about balance.

Some people opt to have Personal Training (one-on-one sessions) LONG TERM as it pushes them to their limits that they themselves would not reach in a gym environment. Others choose one-on-one simply due to lack of self-motivation.

So, if you are a time in life that you need accountability and someone to help you achieve your specific goals then let us take this journey together to change your life.

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Neeta Williams

Accredited Professional Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher (FINY)

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