Training Options

Training your way

Not sure what sort of training you need or best suited to your goals and aspirations – then Neeta will take you through all the options which could be right just for you!

Below are just some of the training options we have which we can tailor to your needs.

If you’re a beginner, then no problem, we can help you gently ease into an exercise regime to get you started.

If you’re a seasoned gym bunny and just need that little extra push then we can cater for that too.

Circuit Classes

A fun session involving endurance, resistance, high intensity and interval training to condition the body.
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Custom Programs

Tailored to you; working around injuries, specific goals and needs, rehabilitation and defined improvement.
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One-on-one Personal Training

Face-to-face training designed to help motivate you towards your goals and supply you with the knowledge to move forward.
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Sports Conditioning

Athlete specified training designed to complement your current abilities and excel in your given support.
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Stretching & Mobility

Active recovery session is designed to increase range of motion and quality in joint and muscular health.
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Fat Loss Program

Programmed to decrease fat, build healthy habits and maintain a new lifestyle.
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Weight Training

Maintain or increase muscular mass and strength to achieve a defined physique.
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Neeta Williams

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