A little bit about me

I have always been into fitness in some form or other, I loved long distance running and after the birth of my children I trained to be Yoga Teacher. I taught Yoga classes all around the Bunbury and Greater region and continued to run every day.

Many years ago, I suffered a spinal injury through wear and tear resulting in needing a Spinal Fusion operation, as you can image the recovery period was a long and slow process setting me back in my training. This recuperation period allowed me time to re-evaluate my personal goals. I was determined not to let this setback prevent me from getting back to peak physical condition.

Long distance running had been my main focus, but I came to the realisation that it was not giving me the body composition I had been chasing. I wanted to be lean with some muscular definition, so I started doing some research into weightlifting. As soon I was able to get back to training, I turned my sights to weightlifting and I’ve never looked back.

I understand the agony of constant severe back pain which I had to deal with every day prior to my operation, and having changed my focus to lifting helped me improve and strengthen my back greatly. I also really wanted to help others get started on a fitness regime, to help overcome injuries or mindset to achieve specific goals.

With this in mind I went on to study and become a fully-fledged Personal Trainer – so anything is possible, and with the right attitude and expert guidance you too can work towards your goals.

Left: Cardio program. Right: Weight training program

Personal goal
I have always been a goal orientated person, each day I thrive to be better than I was the day before or at least stay consistent and focused.

Having participated in Body Building competitions has given me the bug to continue to improve my body shape and just to be able to see what I am able to achieve with hard work and dedication – I also absolutely love the process otherwise wouldn’t do it. I was 45 years old in these competition pics (and also in the studio photos dotted throughout the website). I am proud of my achievement and now more then ever keen to see what kind of body I can sculpt by the time I am 50! It’s amazing what your body can do if you put your mind to it.


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